The kitchen blender good for people and the planet. Made for your glass jars, durable and handcrafted in Berlin.

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Make all the food you love.

Pick your jar and make smoothies, nut butters, spreads, sauces, grind coffee and seeds, and more. Serve it directly on the table, store it or take it on-the-go.

Reuse your own jars

Use your own glass jar to always have the perfect serving size. Whether you get them with your pickels or marmelade, or from us, it’s up to you.

Have it your style

re:Mix comes with a unique, 100% recycled plastic casing. Make re:Mix fit into your kitchen and customise the front-and-back panels with 5 different colors.

  • Crush it like a pro.

    A high-performance motor lets you crush anything, from frozen fruits to seeds, from ice to nut butters.

  • More time for yourself.

    Wash the blades easily, without cleaning multiple containers.

  • Fits your favourite corner.

    Smaller than most similar kitchen blenders, re:Mix is made to fit tiny spaces.

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For people and the planet.

By making re:Mix in a circular, local way, we’re increasing product lifetime, lowering emissions, using less natural resources, and supporting the local community.

Modular, repairable & open-source.

A modular design makes re:Mix easy to repair, upgrade and for its parts to be replaced over time.

Handcrafted in Berlin.

We design and manufacture re:Mix in the heart of Berlin, with great craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Designed for the circular economy.

From idea to production, we’ve designed re:Mix to keep the device and its materials in the loop, minimising waste and emissions.

  • 100% recycled outer casing

    Old plastics are shredded into tiny bits and melted, then pressed into large, sturdy sheets. This process results in materials that are truly unique: every material is slightly different from the other.

  • 3D printed in Berlin

    We manufacture most parts using 3D printers, in our own workshop. This allows us to quickly iterate on the parts, produce on-demand and avoid long transportation ways.

  • Closing the loop

    We give you the tools to repair re:Mix yourself, or buy the product back to refurbish or recycle its parts.

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Size and weight

Jar compatibility

For more information about compatible jars and real-life jar examples, see our support centre.



Controls and speeds

    • Speed 1: Use 50% of total power and energy consumption (recommended)
    • Speed 2: Use 100% of power
    • Funk Mode: Quickly go from 0 to maximum power. Great for crushing ice or preparing more chunky meals.

      Power supply & motor

      • 220V
      • Power: 1000W
      • Blade rotations: 22000RPM

      Cord length



      • Jars: 100% glass and compatible with all reused glass jars (Twist Off 82mm opening)
      • Blades: Stainless steel
      • Outer casing: 100% recycled plastic from Paris (HDPE)
      • Other plastic parts: bio-based PLA for the head, and ASA for the rest; 3D-printed in Berlin
      • Feet: 100% recycled plastic (TPE-V), made in Berlin


      • Modular connections without glues
      • Repairable with normal screwdrivers
      • Removable blades
      • Motor with replaceable carbon brushes
      • Open-Source

      Made in Berlin

      We design, manufacture and assemble our products in our Berlin-based workshop.