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The kitchen mixer good for people and the planet.

Made for your own glass jars, customizable and built to last.

Get re:Mix now

Use the jars you have at home

re:Mix works with your own glass jars.

Customise it

Make it fit to your kitchen with front and back panels made out 100% recycled, regional plastic.

Never buy another mixer again.

re:Mix is built to last a lifetime. And when it breaks, to be easy to repair, return, and be given a new life.

Modular and repairable

re:Mix uses puzzle-like joints and no glues, making assembly, disassembly and repair simple. We publish repair documentation online and open-source our design files.

Recycled and durable materials

We only use recycled plastics and carefully select materials and parts for durability.

Ethically made in Berlin

Our products are assembled and repaired in our beloved hometown, Berlin, in a social assembly center that provides jobs to people in need.

Buy-back programme

When you don't need re:Mix anymore, we'll buy it back from you at a fair price. We then refurbish and give it a new life, at another customer.

And then some more.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the removable head, you have less to clean and more time to enjoy.

Super powerful

A powerful motor of 1000W that blends, grinds and crushes any food, fruits, nuts, coffee or ice.


Smaller than most similar kitchen products and rectangular, re:mix is made to fit small spaces.

Our mission

We’re on a journey to transform the way electronics are made, used and discarded, by inspiring the industry to reimagine design and embrace open circularity.

Starting with re:Mix, we're challenging ourselves to build the most sustainable products we can -  by building locally, reusing what already exists, keeping materials in the loop, and publishing open source to empower communities around the world.

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