re:Mix wins at the CrQLr Awards 2023

re:Mix wins at the CrQLr Awards 2023

re:Mix is a winner at the CrQLr Awards 2023! The competition explored the question “How can we transform our current economic system into a circular one?”, and was organised by FabCafe, a global creative community hub, and Loftwork, an Asian creative company.

Here’s a few words from the judges:

Aining Ouyang REnato lab Chief Operations Officer

“While most discussions tend to revolve around large brand manufacturers, initiatives like the re:Mix project explore the potential of every aspect of the product value chain. This includes modular design, material selection, repairs, and even reverse logistics. Additionally, they combine regional production with open-source design, showcasing both creativity and ambition.”


Sachiko Hirosue Osaka Namari-Suzu Seirensho Co., Ltd. President and CEO

“The idea of adapting all jars around the house takes used jars back into the kitchen to reuse. When is reuse better than "recycling", by which measurements is it better than direct to landfill? The energy required to recycle the material is not always transparent to consumers, and not often in the public discourse, where only positive aspects of recycling is promoted.”



Yuri Naruse Architect, Founder of NARUSE・INOKUMA ARCHITECTS Co., Ltd.

“As kitchen appliances add more new functions, they become harder to manage. This food mixer has only the basic functions that we really need, making it less complicated and easier to repair. It’s a very rational concept.”

Some other winners that caught our attention:

  • Guilty Flavours - Asking if we can we use our bodies as a medium to transform plastic waste, and make it disappear for good (what?)
  • TSUMUGI upcycle paper resources and thinned wood into paper yarn for textiles

Browse all the winners on the CrQLr Awards site.

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re:Mix is the kitchen mixer good for people and the planet.