New ways of using re:Mix, preparing for production, digital re:Mix and timeline updates

New ways of using re:Mix, preparing for production, digital re:Mix and timeline updates

At this point in time, we would normally make our bi-monthly video update. But many of you have been asking about the project and the status of your re:Mix for several weeks already. And while we loved making these videos, they also require a lot of time to make. That’s why we’re changing to smaller, more frequent updates. We hope to create more transparency, more openness on what we’re up to, where we’re heading, and how your re:Mix is doing.


In a nutshell

The product is almost finished, the certification process in its final stages, and we started preparing for production. We expect to start shipping the first re:Mix in April-May.

Here's s a funky coverage by Meet the Good Ones, covering the motivation behind the project.


New ways of using re:Mix

We continue to discover amazing ways of using re:Mix, and can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it. Here’s re:Mix making a super brownie (flourless, vegan & sugarfree) and a homemade applesauce for kids (and parents!). We’re also using it regularly to grind some amazing coffee in the office.

How is product certification and testing going?

✅ re:Mix has passed with great stoicism most of the certification tests…from electromagnetic compatibility to electric safety. It has not been a smooth ride all the way though, and we are still learning and adapting to all compliance and safety standard requirements. One of the current challenges is to make our 3D printed parts and materials pass all the tests related to heat resistance, and we’re almost there! Next up on the pipeline, compliance chemical testing and food contact safety

🦍 We’ve been running durability tests, pushing re:Mix to its limits. We’re learning how it will perform over long usage periods, under which conditions certain components will give up, and how to make it more long-lasting. Thanks to Jonas for supporting us here!

📐 We‘ve been refining many of the 3D printed parts and printing settings, to make them more ergonomic, to simplify the assembly process, and to improve their durability and quality. In traditional manufacturing, making these changes so “late” would be impossible…but it is possible with 3D printing!

How is the preparation for production going?

🦖 We visited our 3D printer manufacturer Prusa in Prague, and learned how to build our own 3D-printing farm. We’re setting it up right now (11 printers so far!) and once it’s up and running, we will be printing re:Mix components 24/7.

✂️ All recycled plastic panels for the outer casing of our first 300 re:Mix are being milled right now at Motion Lab. Funk master Elis has been fine-tuning the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling process, optimising the quality and control while significantly reducing material waste, the running time, and energy usage. Status: All top and bottom panels are already milled!

🙌🏽 We started preparing the production setup with our assembly partner BWB. This is a longer process where they learn about our device, organise the assembly process and give us feedback on how to optimise the production steps.

📦 We have a funky concept for everything that’s related to packaging…from the choice of materials and unboxing experience, to packaging design, to the user manual. We will be a bit secretive on this topic to make you a little surprise!

🤖 re:Mix goes digital! We’ve set up our first prototype for a product database…the single source of truth that will openly show you what’s inside your re:Mix, and where and how it was made (if you’re a geek like us, it’s called a product passport). This is the kind of data companies usually hide away from you.

How do we feel?

As you can see, there are many things happening at the same time. In addition, we also need to make sure it all works out financially, handle German corporate bureaucracy (yey!), and plan for the future. So it’s fair to say we’re busy. But we’re enjoying every moment of it. The tiny office, the long working hours, solving challenges, and keeping you happy. You can call it startup life, and what keeps us going is your ongoing support. Send us some nice words if you feel like sharing!

When can you expect your re:Mix?

We expect the first mixers to be ready in April-May. We will start shipping according to the order placement. This means the earlier you ordered, the earlier you’ll get it :) We’ll soon be able to give you more precise estimates and will be in touch with you individually.

Pre-orders are still open!

If you know someone who needs a sustainable, badass kitchen mixer, pre-orders are still open on here! How come? The delays we experienced last year are also increasing our costs. Just like the Kickstarter campaign, pre-orders help us cover our expenses and stay an independent company…so that we can serve you and our fellow planet.

With funk,

Paul & Ken


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