Upcoming meetups & showroom in Berlin

Upcoming meetups & showroom in Berlin

The meetups are back! re:Mixers and wanna-be-re:Mixers alike, join us to share and prepare favourite recipes, learn from each other, give re:Mix a spin, tour the production, connect with like-minded peeps, and pick up your re:Mix.

26 Apr / 29 May / 28 Jun @Motion Lab Berlin

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Meetup & showroom
Special recipes? Let us know and we'll prep them
Special tips for blending? Bring them with you.
Questions about jars? Bring your own jars if you have any doubts or questions!
You never had the chance to try out re:Mix? This is your moment.
Surprise discounts for funky people only.

Here's an overview of the upcoming pickup dates:
- Orders placed in January 2024 - pickup on Fri 26.04
- Orders placed in February 2024 - pickup on Wed 29.05
- Orders placed in March 2024 - pickup on Fri 28.06
- Orders placed in April 2024 - pickup on Fri 26.07

RSVP. See you there!

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