Production ramp-up, funky meals, and exhibiting at IFA

Production ramp-up, funky meals, and exhibiting at IFA

Hey funky people,

Here’s what’s been cooking in the world of funk in the past month!

Miren (pictured on the left) joined the funk this month, supporting us on the finishing of our 3D-printed parts and production activities, with her eye for details coming from the fashion industry and bringing the Spanish vibe into our kitchen! It turns out she can also make a delicious gazpacho…

🍅 Gazpacho for the whole family

Some of you have been asking us to showcase blending with larger jars. Here’s Miren in action giving the traditional Spanish gazpacho a spin with re:Mix…in a funky 1.7L jar!


✊🏽Production and assembly ramping-up

Here’s Ken putting together YOUR re:Mix at funktastical speed, in just 24s! We’ll slow it down to about 15 min though, just to make sure everything is assembled correctly ;-)


🤖 The 3D-printing farm got bigger

We got 4 additional 3D printers from Prusa (that brings us to 16 in total!) to speed up the production. At this speed, we are planning to assemble and ship 300 re:Mix by the end of September!


🥳 The new seal got a PASS for food contact

Do you recall the challenges we were facing with the jar seal, end of July? We ended up changing material to one of the most food-safe out there, silicone. We’re fortunate that one of our suppliers was able to react swiftly and make a new mould, as well as the first off-mould parts in just 2 weeks! So we were super happy to get the first samples last week to test and validate the quality.


The new seal has been tested for food-contract safety and got a PASS ✅ The remaining standard chemical testing is now undergoing, where no issues are expected. We’re also testing how well it seals, its ease-of-use and ease-of-cleaning, fine-tuning the mould along the way. The certification process and our first 500 silicone seals should be concluded by mid-September 🎉


❓The Jar Library for Germany and France is live

We’ve expanded our online jar library with Germany and France, showcasing real-life examples of re:Mix-compatible jars in these countries.


✨ Come try out re:Mix yourself at IFA Berlin!

We’ll be at IFA Berlin this weekend, the “world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show”. In an ocean of consumer electronics designed to break in ever-shorter cycles, we’ll be there to show that durability and repairability are possible by design. Come by and try out re:Mix yourself - we’ll be at IFA Next Hall 27 Stand 182, from Friday to Sunday. Pro tip: bring your own jar to mix and take your drink with you!


🚚 When can you expect your re:Mix?

We hope to ship to everyone who ordered between May and December 2022 by the end of September. If you’re in Berlin, we’ll organise a party where you can also pick up your re:Mix if you like (more info on this soon). And if you order now, it should take us about 3 months to ship to you, from the date you place your order.

With funk,

Paul & Ken

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