re:Mix production and shipping update

re:Mix production and shipping update

Since we started shipping in September, the feedback and reviews we received from our re:Mixers are quite amazing….4.94 out of 5 stars! We are really excited to see re:Mix meeting the re:Mix’ers expectations in terms of product quality. It has been quite a journey to get there in terms of daily production activities, as we encountered technical and production-related challenges along the way. We learned that our team was too small, it took longer to craft each part to the quality we aspire to have; and then to assemble, quality-control and ship the mixer. This impacted the delivery times, and we’ve been slower to deliver compared to the optimistic timeline we announced back in September, or the lead time announced on our site.

To address this, we’ve grown our team from 3 to 9 members, we’ve been onboarding each of them to various production tasks and have optimised our production processes on a rolling basis, decreasing the production lead time step-by-step.

Based on our current assembly times and the production learnings we’ve had so far, here is our updated shipping timeline - which we feel confident that we can hold up to:

shipping timeline
We understand that long lead times are inconvenient -  so we’ll be scaling our team and production capacities, to reduce the lead time to 0 by summer 2024.

This project simply wouldn’t exist without your support. You’ve not just invested in a kitchen blender, it’s so much more than that. It’s a nugget of hope for a wasteful industry, a way out towards home electronics that respect people and planet. And to make that happen, the road can be bumpy at times.

Yours truly,

The Open Funk Team

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