Open Funk goes open-source

Open Funk goes open-source

We’re starting the year by making our files public, and sharing them into the commons.

We see open-source as a way to give people th6e right to repair their own devices, while creating transparency around what goes into our products, and spreading repair-friendly design practices with makers and industry players. This encourages the local, decentralised production of repairable products, and lowers the impact on the planet.

We’re releasing the files in 2 steps:

  • Body incl. electronics - as a base for blenders, coffee grinders, food processors, lemon squeezers, etc.
  • Blender head - later this year

Head over to our Github for the design files, technical documentation, assembly guide and bill of materials.

Are you a maker, artist or user, and want to contribute? Get in touch with us via email or Instagram to get involved.

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